As from the name itself everyone can figure out our company is related to printing industry
Pick to print started with the basic idea of solving one of most common problem faced by teenager’s i.e.
Selection of a T-shirt.

T-Shirt having a very wide range of variety gets everyone confused and sometimes one end up in compromising either with the print or the color of the T-Shirt

So one day me and my friend which later become the Co- Partner and the second CEO of Pick TO Print
We Came up with a challenging solution of basic idea of you choose we deliver I.e. explained as the customer chooses the print, the color of the print and the color of the T-shirt according to their wish and need which was an innovation in the clothing industry

Hence, We started our company on october28, 2017 by buying our domain and starting our domain and here we are in such a short time span we present in front of you CUSTOM PRINTED T-SHIRT BRAND Pick To Print.com


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